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5 Top Tips for New Businesses

I started my business last year in a pandemic. I've learnt so much on my business journey so far and I want to lay out my 5 TOP TIPS, that I wish someone had told or advised me before I begun.

1) NETWORKING, Networking, and networking

Before you even start or have launched a business, you should be networking a few months before.

One of the biggest things I should have done before I launched. It’s an advantage and networking is about building trust and relationships with potential clients/customers.

2) Turn goals into milestones

Break down your goals into milestones. This is important to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, as milestones make each step achievable.

3) Stay organised

In order to achieve these goals, one must be organised. Set up your calendar (via 365/Gmail etc) and you should be blocking out in your diary each task, action, steps you need to be doing every day. Keep your calendar updated as much as possible, as it helps you to stay accountable.

4) You don’t have to do everything yourself

You can make waves a lot faster if you ask for advice, help, or collaborate with others.

As new business owners, there are so many hats to take on. Depending upon your capital; you can outsource work. However, there is plenty of free advice online, free webinars, free business challenges, and workshops to join. There are masses of support out there to help you grow even faster!


Difficult times might come along in your journey and you may think; I am not getting anyway, is it worth it, nothing is happening, am I good enough. BUT you will get past this stage. Do not give up on what you want to do!

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