Saving you Time

If we assisted you for 2 hours each day for a week, we can give you back 10 hours of your time. Imagine!

Helping you Focus

Your own professional assistant will provide support to you and all your goals.

  Our Services 

Lady PA offers first class Virtual Personal Assistant Services + Lifestyle Support

*Please get in contact if you are looking for something that is not listed*


We can detox, archive, update contacts, action items, delete and personalise folders. As your business grows, so do your emails. Let us control and declutter your inbox.

Calendar Management

Create, plan and manage your daily agenda. We will help keep your personal & business diaries updated. For complete organisation, I believe one can not be without the other.
Help run, schedule and arrange meeting with clients, customers, personal appointments. We can create, send invitations, distribute agendas, and assign action items

Social Media Scheduling & Coaching

Set up social media accounts. Create media posts and a strategic social media calendar. Schedule posts via Hootsuite. 


Create, process, send all types of invoices and follow up on your behalf.

Travel Management

Create the ultimate travel experience - Personal and/or Business. We research, plan and book your travel (on your behalf) with our partners and get exclusive rates and benefits. We can also book private Jets, hotels to taxis.

Schedule Personal Appointments

Assisting with your daily personal agenda. Let us book your lunch and dinner reservations. Research and manage service providers (i.e. plumber / gardener) and book your dentist and hairdresser appointments. We can also arrange your flower deliveries, cleaners and packer and movers.

The 1:1 Business Organisation Workshop (4 hours) + Accountability 

Want to upgrade your systems?
Feeling overwhelmed by the number of emails?
Been meaning to set up platforms but never get round to it?
You have passwords everywhere and forget which ones are for what login?
Want to feel organised and in control of your day?

£200 - £300

Time Management
Power Hour


+ 1 hour follow up


Not enough hours in the day?
Feeling overwhelmed by the workload?
Do you want to get the most out of your day?
You're looking for practical tips to help you?


Advantages of a Virtual Assistant

  •  Hours / days are flexible to your requirements thus giving you a 100% productivity rate.

  • Our clients are not responsible for employer costs e.g. taxes, insurance, pension, annual leave, sick leave, parental leave etc

  • You do not need to provide office space, equipment and supplies.

Let us start saving you time