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Here are 4 ways to save you 2hours + per day

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

If we assisted you for 2 hours each day for a week, we can give you back 10 hours of your time. Imagine!

First of all, ask yourself: ⏳ Do you lose focus and procrastinate during the day? ⏳ Do you plan your day properly ? Have a to do list but don't stick to it? ⏳ Feel you have too much to do but don't know where to start? ⏳ There are not enough hours in the day? ⏳ Think to yourself, I just need some help? ⏳ Losing control of your emails? Do you resonate with any of these questions? If you invest in saving your time, this will allow you to focus on your business, clients, customers and family.

Below are examples of how we can help by delegating a few simple tasks.


If we helped you keep your calendar updated, you will never miss an appointment or opportunity. We can manage your personal and/or business calendar. For complete organisation, I believe one can not be without the other. We will plan your day, add buffers and set reminders. Calendar Management = 30 minutes per day saved

2. INBOX MANAGEMENT We can detox, remove spam, archive, update contacts, delegate emails and make sure VIP emails are not missed. We can assist in both personal & business inboxes. As your business grow, so do your emails. This can be time consuming. We can get control of this before your inbox fills up. Developing a good relationship is key, the more I understand, the more time will be saved. I can respond to emails on your behalf and communicate via text or slack for example, when urgent emails come in that need to be attended to immediately. Inbox = minimum 45 minutes saved per day How to - Inbox & calendar; After consent and contracts, we will gain passwords to reach your calendar & email systems or we can create a shared Gmail account whichever you prefer.

The next two points work very closely with Inbox and Calendar Management

3. MEETING MANAGEMENT - Arranging Internal & External Meeting Help run, schedule and arrange business meetings with clients / customers. We can create and distribute agendas and assign action items. Arranging internal meetings such as 1:1's, business and quarterly reviews plus everything in-between. All meetings will be added to your calendar and managed efficiently from your inbox for actions & follow ups.

Meetings = average 1 hour per day How: We will already have access to your inbox and calendar by now, so will be able to action this immediately. If you have a CRM system, we can also update this regularly when communicating with clients.

4. SCHEDULE PERSONAL APPOINTMENTS Assisting with your personal daily agendas. Let us research & book serviced professionals for you (plumber / gardener) plus book your dentist / hairdresser / fitness class appointments and source and book your lunch / dinner reservations. Arrange flower deliveries, cleaners and a full removal service if you are moving house.

Scheduling = 15 minutes per day How: We will already have access to your emails to schedule and place any appointments in your diary with reminders. We may also require your credit card details (if agreed) to purchase something on your behalf.

The above four items are just a start to how we can help you, so is it time to hire your Virtual Assistant?

Contact us via and we can set you up immediately and start to make your life easier.

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