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Want to work remotely? Look at these Nomad visa's.

Updated: Apr 17

Wish you could take your laptop and work somewhere for a while.? We have put together a list of countries offering special Digital Nomad Visas.

  • There are around 35 million digital nomads

  • The annual contribution of digital nomads to a global economic value is $787 billion

  • If global digital nomads could form a country, it would rank 41st in the worldwide ranking by population

  • 61% of digital nomads are married, while 39% are unmarried

  • There are more self-employed digital nomads (46%) rather than company employees (35%)

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1) Antigua - Nomad Digital Residence (NDR)

· Eligible persons will be granted a special resident authorisation that will be valid for up to 2 years in the first instance. It takes up to 14 days for applications to be processed.

· Applications can be submitted online.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • Evidence that the non-refundable fee was paid in respect of each applicant.

  • A passport photo.

  • A copy of the biographical data of passport.

  • A certificate indicating medical insurance coverage for the period of the stay/

  • Police clearance for each applicant over the age of 16.

  • Evidence of employment, including self-employment via contracts/invoices

  • A declaration by the main applicant, certifying (a) expected income of no less than US$50,000 (Fifty thousand US dollars) or the equivalent in other currencies, for each year of the 2 years in Antigua, and (b) that he/she has the means to support himself/herself and accompanying dependants during their stay in Antigua and Barbuda.

A non-refundable NDR fee is payable with the application.

· Single applicant: US$1,500.00

· Couple US$2,000.00

· Family of 3 and over: US$3,000.00

2) Barbados - Welcome Stamp Visa

· A 12-month-long visa that allows you to relocate and work from Barbados. It takes up to 7 days for the application to be approved.

· Applications can be submitted online.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • Passport sized photograph

  • Bio data page of passport

  • Applicants must also make an annual income of at least USD$50,000 over the 12 months you intend to have the travel stamp.

A non-refundable fee is payable with the application.

  • Individual - USD $2,000.00

  • Family Bundle - USD $3,000.00

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3) Costa Rica - Costa Rica Rentista Visa

· This visa is valid for two years and can be renewed provided you continue to meet the requirements. It takes up to 30 days to process.

· You are required to register with the consular office in your country to get an application form and then apply online.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • Valid Passport – Original and Copy

  • Rentista Visa Application Form

  • X6 passports sized photos.

  • Proof of paid fees

  • You must be employed by or own your own company registered outside of Costa Rica or freelance with clients outside of the country.

  • Proof of fixed and stable income of at least $2,500. month as an individual or $5,000 a month if you plan to bring family.

  • Proof of health and travel insurance

  • Police Clearance Certificate: You can obtain from the police or court authorities in your country.

  • Record of fingerprints – You can obtain from the police department.

  • Rentista Visa Application: $250

  • Service Fee for Temporary Residence Permit: $1600

  • Rentista Visa Application: $375

4) Croatia – Digital Nomad Visa

You can work in Croatia remotely for up to a year by obtaining this digital nomad visa. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to be approved and can be renewed but only six months after your Digital Nomad visa has expired.

You are required to print out the application and along with the necessary documents, submit it to the Croatian Embassy or Consulate, visa center or accredited travel agency.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • Croatian Digital Nomad Visa Application Form: Print the 1A application form or in person at a Croatian Embassy

  • You should prove that you are not a citizen of an EU or EEA country.

  • You must prove you have a monthly income of around €2,300 a month.

  • You must work for a company outside of Croatia.

  • Valid Passport

  • Proof of sufficient monthly income

  • Health Insurance

  • Clear criminal record

  • Temporary address in Croatia: You must prove you have secured accommodation in Croatia by submitting a confirmed booking or rental agreement.

Applying at an embassy:

  • €60 for a digital nomad visa

  • €55 for granting a temporary visa

  • €310 for a residence card

  • Applying online

  • €45 for administrative fees

  • €30 for a residence permit

  • €60 for the urgent issuing of the residence card.

Applying at a police station:

  • €10 for administrative fees

  • €30 for a residence card

  • €60 for the urgent issuing of the residence card.

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5) Portugal –Digital Nomad Visa

Application Forms & Links:

· You can legally live and work in Portugal for up to 1 year as a self-employed freelancer or business owner on a Temporary Stay visa or for a longer stay, you can go on the Residence Visa (D8)

· You must fill in the application form and along with the necessary documents, book an appointment at the Portuguese embassy.

Requirements & Documents Needed


Temporary Stay visa:

  • Takes up to a month to process.

  • Minimum of €2,820 per month as an individual in income or €8,640 with a partner or spouse in demonstrable savings

  • Active income favoured however some passive may be accepted.

  • Proof of accommodation for at least the first 4 months (hotel, Airbnb or registered lease agreements

  • A contract that proves you have clients.

  • Health Insurance

  • Bank statements or payslips to prove your monthly income

D8 Visa

  • Takes 3-5 months to process.

  • A salary from remote work that is at least 4 times the Portuguese minimum wage (€2840 per month at a minimum)

  • You have to obtain a 4-month visa first then apply for residency if needed.

  • Residency permit

  • Proof of accommodation for at least the first 12 months (hotel, Airbnb or registered lease agreements

  • NIF and Portuguese bank account

  • Proof of personal tax resident

  • Health Insurance

  • A contract that proves you have clients.

  • Bank statements or payslips to prove your monthly income

  • €180 for the D8 Visa

  • €320 for the residence permit

6) Spain – Non-Lucrative Visa for Digital Nomads

· You can relocate to Spain which is valid for up to 3 years. You can apply within your home country or when you arrive in Spain via a tourist visa. It will take about 20 days for the visa to be approved.

· You must fill in the application forms and along with the necessary documents, book an appointment at the Spanish embassy.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • Proof of remote work with clients or employers outside of Spain.

  • Proof of Income – No less than €2,200 monthly consistently

  • Proof of client contracts which is for at least 3-4 months of monthly wage

  • A bank statement showing your financial status and savings.

  • Proof that you have at least three years of work experience or have graduated.

  • Original and copy of your passport.

  • Your tax return statement

  • Health Insurance & Medical Certificate

  • Background Check – You will be asked to prove your criminal record and have fingerprints taken. A police clearance will suffice.

  • Cost is €73.32 for the application.

7) Estonia – Digital Nomad Visa

· Allows remote workers to live in the country for up to a year with the possibility of extension. The process takes up to 30 days.

· You must apply at your nearest Estonian embassy.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • Need to have proof of client contracts.

  • Proof of sufficient income - Need to meet the minimum threshold of €4,500 gross of tax during the 6 months preceding the application.

  • Health insurance

  • Clean criminal record

  • Albanian bank account to receive funds from income sourced abroad.

  • Contract of accommodation either through a rental agreement, hotel or Airbnb

  • C Type Visa valid for 90 days costs €80

  • D Type Visa valid for up to 1 year costs €100

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8) Malaysia – Digital Nomad Visa (DE Rantau Nomad Visa)

Application Info & Application:

· Allows foreign independent workers to stay in Malaysia for up to 12 months. Process of the visa will take up to four weeks and you will receive your visa on arrival in the airport.

· You need to prepare all the documents and then register to the De Rantau website and submit you application there.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • Proof of income – Need to prove you have an annual salary of at least $24,000 a year through an employment contract, payslips or personal income statements or bank statements from the last 3 months.

  • Proof of professional field – You must demonstrate you work within an area of digital expertise i.e. digital marketing, content creation, cyber security etc as well as providing a updated CV to reflect your previous experience

  • Proof of health and travel insurance

  • Clean criminal record

  • Personal bond to declare your intention to abide by the conditions of your visa and the local laws

  • It costs $221 for the principal applicant

9) Mexico – Temporary Resident Visa (Digital Nomad visa)

· It allows digital nomads to live and work in Mexico for up to 2 years. Takes from 4-6 weeks to process and you have up to 30 days to enter Mexico and validate your visa.

· You must fill in an application form and go to your nearest Mexican embassy to apply in person.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • Application form

  • Proof of remote employment or self-employment with a foreign company

  • A minimum monthly income of $1,260 USD or a bank balance of over $27,000 USD

  • Health insurance coverage valid in Mexico

  • A valid passport with 1 year validity

  • No criminal record

  • Costs vary between £200 - £500 depending on how long you want to stay.

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10) Greece – Digital Nomad Visa

· It allows remote workers to live in Greece for up to 1 year and can be extended. It takes 10 working days to be accepted.

· You must apply in person at your nearest Greek embassy with the application form and all relevant documents.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • A valid passport

  • X2 Passport photos

  • Proof of employment – Submit your employment contract or proof you can complete your work using technology.

  • A declaration letter – Disclosing that you plan to apply for the Greece DNV and work remotely. You must provide all the financial info for your company as well as all the relevant info.

  • Proof of income – This can be through bank account statements, invoices and contracts. You must have a regular income of over €1000 per month.

  • Health and Medical Insurance & Certificate

  • Valid return flight

  • Clean criminal record

  • It costs €75 to apply.

11) Italy – Digital Nomad Visa

Italy hasn't allowed digital nomads to work legally in the country long-term, until now (and if willing to meet a long list of requirements it seems).

Application: As of 4th April, applications are now being accepted. Those interested need to book an in-person appointment at the Italian consulate in your country of residence.

  • It allows remote workers to live in Italy for up to 1 year. It can be renewed annually subject to conditions.

  • If you wish to bring your family with you, that's available too. However, 'Italy's police headquarters have the final word on whether a residence permit for family reasons can be given.'

  • Once your visa is approved, you have 8 days from your arrival in Italy to apply for a residence permit.

  • If you’re self-employed, you’ll also need to apply for an Italian VAT number.

Requirements & Documents Needed


  • Applicants need to be tax-compliant in Italy before applying. Italian taxation office will most likely speak to their equivalent in the country the application hails from. Best speak to an Italian tax expert before you apply to understand what tax you'll need to pay and the paperwork around it.

  • For your Italian consulate appointment, you'll need to bring: Valid Passport Proof of employment Proof of income Health Insurance Proof of accommodation in Italy Criminal record certificate

  • Application criteria: A college / University degree At least 6 months of experience in the industry where they plan to work remotely. A minimum salary of 28,000 Euros

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