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Travel Questions

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Questions to ask your Hotel or accommodation in order to improve your stay and avoid any surprises!

  1. What precautions are they taking regarding Health & Safety Policies throughout the hotel?

  2. Call the hotel directly and ask about their Occupancy Rate? To see how crowded it'll be.

  3. Check if the hotel has a resident Doctor or where the nearest medical facilities are?

4. Check if there are resort &/or local fees included in your booking (some rates might not publish these extras)? 5. What's included in the price; Breakfast? Lounge access? Wi-Fi? Business Center? Parking / Airport Shuttle?

6. Where is your room located? Check if you are next to the pool, above a restaurant for any local noise. 7. Will there be any construction taking place during your stay?

8. Can you get a late check-out/early check-in? Is there a charge for this? 9. How much is the holding deposit on your credit card, as this amount could temporarily affect your credit.

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