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5 hour VA Package - Service examples

Updated: Apr 1

I have put forth a few 5 hour package scenario's in order to give business owners and entrepreneurs an idea as how VAs can support you. 5 hours doesn't have to break the bank and you'll notice the difference straight away -- It's a win win :)

Example 1: 2022 Business trips Are you thinking about travelling again to visit clients and/or attend conferences/summits? --> Research what conferences are coming up for next year within your industry; present the prices, locations, tickets and logistics (in order to make your final decision). --> We will book flights, hotels and ground transport for your trip. --> Through Lady PAs luxury travel partner, we can provide extra benefits to your trip. We want to make sure that travelling to and from will be the least of your worries and you can focus on the outcome.

Example 2:

Invoices You need to chase payments from clients, which is frustrating? You want to settle and send out the last invoices for the year?

--> Let us follow up and chase clients and customers with late payments on your behalf.

--> We can collate the information and update your systems when payments have been made. --> Create Decembers invoices --> Send out Decembers invoices and update data

Examples 3: Need to feel ready for 2022 - be the most organised you've ever been!

--> We'll go through what systems you use every day (in business or personal), evaluate them and set up the best apps/tools to use, to streamline your day --> Set up your calendar for the next 6 months --> Work through your inbox to reduce emails, and feel more in control (automate, 4 response 4 rules, create folders, favourites etc) --> Go through a digital declutter plan

There are many more ways Lady PA can assist from as little as 5 hours per month but sometimes people are not quite sure how they need help or what to outsource. I hope these examples provide you with a better understanding. You can reach out for a free 45 minute discovery call to learn more, ask questions and receive advice. Email contact@ladypa.co or you can book direct using the bookings link here: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/LadyPA1@ladypa.co/bookings/s/O5Sgh80zOUme5CoxFttRSQ2

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